Alexander Pushkin Bust in Chernihiv

The monument to Alexander Pushkin in Chernihiv is represented by a bust to a famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. It is situated in the historic centre of the city of Chernihiv – Dytynest, on the Val near the Transfiguration Cathedral. The monument was created in 1899 – 1900 to commemorate the visits of an outstanding Russian poet to Chernihiv in 1820 and 1824. The funds for the monument came from the Literary Evening dedicated to the poet, which was held in the Chernihiv Theatre on September 29, 1899. The bust was made in the St. Petersburg workshop of K.Bertho, an artist specialising in bronze, by the project of Chernihiv amateur artist G. Kovalenko. The monument has been unveiled on September 25, 1900. Alexander Pushkin Monument in Chernihiv is a bronze bust of 1.5m height, mounted on a granite pedestal of 2.8 m height with some steps at the base. It is fenced with sagging massive chains attached to the low pedestals.

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