Chorna Mohyla (Black grave) is the largest and the most famous pagan burial mound (“kurgan”) in Chernihiv, Ukraine. It was erected in Ancient Rus period. Presently makes part of the Ancient Chernihiv National Historic Reserve and is the Monument of Archaeology of national importance.Chorna Mohyla royal burial mound is located in a park near Yeletsky monastery and the Palace of Culture for Builders. It is one of the biggest Ancient Rus barrows of the X century, which has remained till nowadays. The legend says that there lies Prince Chorny, who was the founder of Chernihiv and gave his name to the city. According to the legends, the daughter of the Prince Chorny jumped out the fortress tower so as not to become the wife of the Khazar Kagan, who then besieged the city, and was also buried by her father in Chorna Mohyla.The proportions of the barrow are impressive: the diameter is 40 m, circumference is 125 m, the present height is 11 m. In the past it was moated with the ditch 7 m wide. In 1872-1873 the mound was explored by famous native Chernihiv archeologist Dmytro Yakovych Samokvasov. A man and a woman were buried in the mound according to the cremation ceremony. They were buried in complete ammunition and occupied the middle part of the bonfire site. Near the man there were some arms: two swords, a sable, a spear, a saddle with stirrups, some shreds of hauberk, a helmet, arrowheads, and a shield with copper binding at the feet. Near the arms there was an iron vessel with sheep bones and bronze brazier with coals.The excavations made by professor D. Samokvasov proved that this mound was erected in the 60-ties of the Xth century, when the city of Chernihiv had already been blossoming and was the second important city in Ancient Rus. There is a Black Grave memorial obelisk presently standing at the Chorna Mohyla burial mound.

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