Instituto Internacional Juarez Machado

Founded in 2010, is a non-profit legal entity of private law, with cultural, educational and social welfare purposes, with activities in Brazil and abroad. Among the main institutional purposes are the preservation of Juarez Machado’s artistic memory, the incentive for free creation, stimulating research and interchange. Based in Joinville / SC, more than a large arts center is an extension of...

Museu Nacional de Imigracao e Colonizacao

O Museu Nacional de Imigração e Colonização visa investigar, comunicar, interpretar e realizar exposições sobre a imigração no sul do país. Desde fevereiro de 2018 a visitação aos seus espaços encontra-se suspensa em virtude de um cronograma de obras de restauro. Os projetos de educação patrimonial e o atendimento a pesquisadores estão sendo realizados normalmente.

Museu Ferroviario de Juiz de Fora

Home to over 400 objects, the Railway Museum was created for the purpose of preserving, studying, and stimulating appreciation of the collection of exhibits that represent the railway memorabilia, in the service of the public. It is a 'must do' visit in Juiz de Fora, and a great experience for train enthusiasts. Visit us, and marvel at the amazing locomotives and carriages on display!

Goiabeiras Shopping

Goiabeiras Shopping Center, the first mall in the state of Mato Grosso is one of the leading capital shopping centers. There are more than 180 nationally and internationally renowned franchises, consolidated in the market. This feature is based on its focus on quality, service and also its location in one of the most charming and desirable area of Cuiabá, the region of Goiabeiras, which receives...