The French-inspired Botanical Garden of Curitiba is one of the Brazilian city’s most popular attractions, its colorful flowers, ponds, paths, and art nouveau greenhouse creating a sweet-smelling fairyland. After a floral stroll, continue to explore Curituba’s lovely landscapes at Parque Estadual de Vila Velha and Parque Tanguá. Visit the Museu Oscar Niemeyer, a celebration of the architect’s bold, abstract works, then enjoy a performance at the marvelous Ópera de Arame, built to look like it’s fashioned out of wire.

Museu Egipcio Ordem Rosacruz

The Museum is divided into two sections: Egyptian Section and Rosicrucian Section. In the Egyptian Museum there are faithful replicas of objects related to Ancient Egypt whose originals are preserved in the collection of several European, Egyptian and American museums. These objects relate to many aspects of that people's life, as well as to their social organization, religion, and politics.

Memorial da Seguranca no Transporte

The Safety Exhibition Center promotes a view of the topic since the prehistoric times to current days Memorial. The space is modern and interactive and targets promoting an experiential experiment. Everything was thought to provide visitors with an experience on the topic of safety through a number of interactive activities that lead them to reflect about their behavior in traffic in a game-based

Museu de Arte Indigena

Closed on February 22, 24 and 25 of 2020 due to Carnival holiday. Here at MAI - Museu de Arte Indigena, are gathered numerous original pieces of art made by Brazilian natives, including pieces made of feathers, pottery, weaves, musical instruments, ritualistic masks and utility objects. This collection is the result of over a decade of work of our director and founder, Julianna Podolan Martins,...