Welcome to a capital city whose story goes back at least 3000 years. In Beijing, you’ll find a wealth of history, both ancient (the Hall of Preserving Harmony, Summer Palace, Forbidden City) and more recent (Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, Tiananmen Square). For the best market experience, choose the Dirt Market over the touristy Silk Market. A visit to the Great Wall, the longest manmade structure in the world, is absolutely essential.

Great Wall at Huanghuacheng

Huanghuacheng Great wall is a wild section which is located near a lake and a reservoir, this part of the Wall is called Yellow Flower Fortress and is a good place for hiking.Huanghuacheng Section of the Great Wall is a resort with mountains, lakes and theancient Great Wall. There are very few people to be found here, but it is becomingpopular with hikers.There is a lake and a crescent shaped...

Summer Palace (Yiheyuan)

The Summer Palace is the summer resort for the Qing dynasty's royal family.It is covered 3/4 with the water,the rest are hills and palaces.The Long corridor is the longest corridor in the world.From the eastern end ,Moon invited gate you can see it is like straight line ,then it's twisting and turning like in the wonderland.On the right side of the Long corridor ,it is a beautiful lake .