Within easy reach of both the Mediterranean and the Spanish borders, Perpignan blurs the line between French and Catalan cultures. The meandering, palm-dotted Old Town is anchored by a rust-colored, Romanesque palace—a relic from when the city ruled the Kingdom of Mallorca.

Centre de Sculpture Romane

In the 12th century during the course if the Romanesqueart period, an anonymous sculptor left unparalleled masterpieces, with an incomparable style in France (Pyrénées-Orientales and Aude), in Spain (Catalunya and Navarre) an in Italy ( Toscany). The Master of Cabetsany is the name given to this anonymous man. Attempt to penetrate the mystery of his works of art though the replicas of his whole...

Ceramiques Sant Vicens

Created in 1942, Sant Vicens is a unique place of ceramic creation. In the park of the farmhouse, the exhibition-sale changes with the seasons and the creators. Do not miss the guided tour, free, every Thursday at 17h, with the history of the place (through the Bauby family, Jean Lurcat, Picasso ...), the visit of the cellar converted into a historical space, and the discovery of the workshop.


Riverchurch exists primarily for the English-speaking residents of Pyrénées-Orientales - although most of the leadership team and many of the regular members are bilingual. A simultaneous French translation of the Sunday services is available via wireless headset. The worship-style is contemporary and the preaching bible-based. There is ample off-street parking, and coffee & biscuits are...