Wildlife SOS

Wildlife SOS Agra Bear Rescue Facility is home to nearly 200 sloth bears that were rescued from the brutal practice of bear dancing. The kalandar gypsies that depended on exploiting these bears were established in alternative livelihoods by Wildlife SOS to ensure the safety of the bears and a legal way of life for the community. This center is run entirely from Donations raised by Wildlife SOS....

Hardy’s World

Hardy’s World contains brand, an oxymoron, a father and son duo and an ever-growing legacy of unabashed hospitality and glee. It was founded in 2004 as a waterpark and amusement rides, with a theme based on the jungle. Coming from a background in hospitality Mr Rakesh Chhabra and Mr Tarun Chhabra together has expanded Hardy’s World by a vision to create leisure facility and pleasant day out...


A know your army establishment open for all, free of cost. The landscape provides an insight into the nation's pride, the indian army, its stories of valor and its achievements. A museum with antique weapons, a park with war trophies, a rock climbing facility for adventure seekers, a small restaurant for foodies and a souvenir shop for those who wish to carry a remembrance from "yodhasthal".