The capital of Italy’s northernmost region of South Tyrol, Bolzano (Bozen in German) has only been Italian since World War I, and its character remains distinctly Germanic. At the center of the town, Piazza Walther is named for a 13th-century German minstrel. The town’s most famous resident, Ötzi the Iceman, dates from about 3300 BC and now rests at the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology. The striking new building for Museion, the city’s modern and contemporary art museum, opened in 2008.

Loacker Winery

Since the late seventies our vineyards have been strictly cultivated according to the biodynamic and homeopathic principles. Holistic thinking, sustainability and authenticity are core values at Tenuta Loacker. The historic winery Schwarhof is situated in the middle of steep and sunny wine terraces of the wine village St. Justina. On one side you have a breathtaking view to the Rosengarten and on...

Weingut Schmid Oberrautner

Ein Südtiroler Weinhof mit Geschichte 1363 erbaut, liegt das wohl älteste familiengeführte Weingut Südtirols im Herzen von Bozen im Stadtteil Gries mit seinem bezaubernden ländlichen Charme. Auf den 9 ha größtenteils familieneigenen Rebanlagen bauen wir überwiegend Lagrein und St. Magdalener, aber auch Blauburgunder, Merlot, Chardonnay und Weißburgunder in bestem Terroir an. Das...

Cantina Bolzano

In 1908, thirty wine growers in Gries decided to form a cooperative in the climatic spa of Gries. Another winemaking cooperative was founded in 1930 by 18 wine growers located around the hill of S. Maddalena. The objective in both cases was to promote local and autochthonous wines. Today the winegrowers’ cooperative has a membership of 224 families with a shared goal: diversity, passion,...

Cable Car Renon

Renon's new cable car opened on May 23, 2009, offering a whole bunch of fantastic advantages for vacationers and local commuters alike: a generous schedule, short travel time and easy access. It's a true gem. It only takes 12 minutes for the gondolas to move from Bozen/Bolzano to Oberbozen/Soprabolzano - they depart every 4 minutes, so there's practically no waiting time.

Runkelstein Castle

Runkelstein Castle lies on a porphyr rock and overlooks the city of Bolzano. Its construction began in the year 1237 by order of the nobles Friedrich and Beral von Wangen. However, its moment of glory was the year 1385, when the castle was acquired by the bourgeois brothers Franz and Niklaus Vintler. Up to the present day Runkelstein Castle hosts the largest cycle of secular medieval frescoes.