The inland city of Guadalajara is bursting with history and culture. Many attractions are in the city’s historic center and in the neighboring city of Zapopan. Museums, parks and churches flourish alongside bullfights, rodeos and soccer (futbol). Nearby are the towns of Tequila, where the liquor of the same name is produced, and Tlaquepaque and Tonala, where artisans create an abundance of Mexican handicrafts. Mariachi, which originated in the area, is a common sight and sound in Guadalajara.

Jose Cuervo Express

Hop aboard the train that goes to Tequila on a Mexican journey where traditions remain. The most special and luxurious train in Mexico awaits you. You will feel like a traveler from another era when you get on the Jose Cuervo Express®. Wooden coaches, ample seating, a dream bar and all the glamour of yesteryear. While passing through the agave landscape route to Tequila, we will serve hot snacks...