San Andres Island

The coral island of San Andres is a diverse ecosystem of reefs, geysers, groves, and cays. Needless to say, it’s perfect for diving, snorkeling, and outdoor exploring. This paradise has multicolored warm waters and 12 mangrove forests, and the beach cedars of Johnny Cay are like natural condos for beach birds. Keep an eye out for overlooked pirate treasure at Morgan’s Cave before chowing down on rondón, a signature Caribbean dish of fish, pork, conch, plantain and coconut milk.

Parque Tematico El Pueblito Isleno San Andres

The San Andres Native Village was made ​​to regain some of the dignity and memory of native raizal who have been invisible through the last decades . Along with their ancestral and native customs architecture is present and positioned with its idiosyncrasies five (5) magnificent Caribbean style cottages built entirely by craftsmen raizales artistic craft lovers calibrating timber . The daily...