Bintan Island

A popular destination for golfers looking for better rates and more accessible courses, Bintan is also a nice way to escape the bustle of Singapore. A ferry ride takes between one and two hours, depending on where you’re headed. From there you can relax on one of the beaches or head inland for hiking and ATV rides or take a ride at the elephant park. There are a couple of towns on Bintan, but the island’s natural beauty is what draws visitors.

Library at Trikora

Library @ Trikora is a new communal learning facility open to village locals of various ages, from youths to young adults. We hold a well-stocked range of Bahasa, English and Mandarin books categorised mainly into fiction, non-fiction and reference. Locals in Teluk Bakau can also look forward to attending free English, Mandarin and IT programs. External visitors and volunteers are warmly...