Khlynov’s History Museum

Museum of history of Khlynov is located in the historical part of the city, on the way of the main excursion routes and is devoted to the history of the medieval city of Khlynov - the predecessor of Vyatka and modern Kirov. The exposition of the Museum will be of interest to a wide range of visitors: accessible presentation of materials and modern technology will allow you to immerse yourself in...

Machine Tool Museum

Welcome to the most unusual museum of Tula - the Machine Tool Museum! The best way to start acquaintance with the homeland of Russian craftsmen is the multimedia tour “Tula is the workshop of Russia”: you will learn exciting stories about world-famous Tula citizens and brands - samovar, pryanik, weapons, Leo Tolstoy and more. The tour is conducted by virtual museum staff - Masha and Snegyr...

The Museum of Blacksmith Art

The only Museum of blacksmithing skills in the entire Tyumen region! The Museum has more than 3000 forged exhibits of different eras, since the 14th century! Here you will not just tell, will touch the life of the past times, but also demonstrate the workflow of the time! Provide an opportunity to try yourself as a blacksmith! We work only by appointment! Be sure to contact us to plan your trip!

Sikera Bar-museum of Drinks of the Ryazan Region

In the museum you can learn about the history and the origin of Russian beverages, taste (18+) hootch, Russian rye wine and more than 100 types of alcoholic beverages prepared according to old Russian recipes. You can also taste old dishes based on mead, kvass and other drinks. Excursion with a tasting of drinks (including alcoholic) is provided .