Known as Stalingrad during much of the Soviet era, Volgograd is now an important industrial city of just over a million people. During World War II, the hill of Mamayev Kurgan was one of the bloodiest locales of the Battle of Stalingrad (the deadliest battle in history, claiming a million and a half lives), and is now the site of a memorial complex. The Panorama Museum, named for the massive Battle of Stalingrad panoramic painting it houses, is another of the city’s most popular attractions.

The Ruins of the Mill Named after Grudinin// Gergardt

The steam powered mill was built in 1903. It was equiped with electrical generator and boiler station. There was a railway from the mill to the hithe, that was demounted after the war. The owner of the mill was Aleksander Gergardt, an ethnic German. His name is inscripted on the wall. In the 1930-s the mill was named after Grudinin, in honour of the lathe operator K. Grudinin who was killed...