An acronym for South Western Townships, Soweto was dubbed as such in 1963. The area began in the late 19th century as a temporary neighborhood for gold mine workers, then later became a black Johannesburg ghetto with forced apartheid settlement. In 1976, Soweto garnered international headlines with its deadly uprising against Afrikaans-only language education. The Mandela Family Museum and the recently restored Credo Mutwa Village (with its Zulu and Sotho homesteads) are two can’t-miss sights.

Wozobona Cultural House

The community always stood as one and ubuntu was alive and real. Wozobona Cultural House is dedicated to the memory of those times and honours all the heroes of that time. The complete tour includes a township meal, a tour detailing the life during the struggle and wonderful true stories from that time. Have a look at the museum display and listen to the soothing and unique music of the time.

Soweto Inspirational Home Museum

The Museum is the first of its kind, it is truly a space that inspires people to think out of the box. Surrounded by a breath taking garden as you walk in,it is the first place that showcases African indigenous knowledge on how African people connect with Animals and their indigenous writing systems. It will allow you to reflect and connect with an almost forgotten history.