Known as the Royal Springs, Bursa’s renowned hot mineral waters have been popular since Byzantine and Roman times. Fed by magnesium, calcium and sulfur-rich thermal springs, the 700-year old baths were built in the time of Sultan Murat I. The beautifully ornate Yeni Kaplica bath dates back to 16th century.

Bursa Teleferik

Bursa Teleferik has developed a “Special Travelling Experience” plot combining ecological transportation enriched with the pleasures offered at the stations and an observation journey. The lift line positioned within the nature delicately and the architecture of 4 separate stations offers comfort and entertainment to the guests. The stores of various brands located in the stations form a...


Iznik is a quiet village near Bursa that was a major pottery center during the Ottoman Empire. It's still well-known for beautiful pottery in the Ottoman style and for the ancient walls that still mostly surround the city. It's a few hours' drive from Istanbul, but the trip can be made shorter—and more entertaining—by hopping a ferry to Yalova and driving from there.