At the edge of Boldyn Hills park, alongside the burial places (“kurgans”) of Slavonic warriors, there is a grave of Unknown soldiers, warriors who gave their lives in the Great Patriotic War (WWII). When battles for capturing the city of Chernihiv by fascist invaders were being fought, a woman of Chernihiv buried four lost soldiers in her family garden. In 1967, the graves were opened, and the names of three soldiers were discovered, they were buried in brotherly grave. The name of the fourth warrior remained unknown. He was buried here on the Boldyn Hills, at Chernihiv’s highest place. To commemorate all the warriors who were killed on the fronts of Great Patriotic War, the Eternal fire was lit in 1967. The Eternal fire is burning on the Grave of the Unknown soldier side by side with the ancient burial mounds on the top of the Boldin Hill as the homage of those who died in the battle for independence of our Motherland. The ancient part of Chernigiv and Holly grove are well seen from this place. The old legend says that Chernihivites were baptized in that grove in 992.

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