The Order of Preachers or Santo Domingo built his first temple in 1553 in a location that does not have too much precision. What is known is that the temple had to be abandoned because the government forced them to leave, until they returned in 1587 and 1593 and had a new temple.Definitely established in Santiago del Estero built a new temple in 1615 to replace the previous one was completely deteriorated. This new church suffered from floods in the area obliterating it completely, which is why the Dominicans decided not to rebuild and carry out their services in a small chapel. When the city moved westward, the order built a new monastery and temple until approximately 1793, because the facilities were in very poor condition, moved to the building that had belonged to the Jesuits expelled in 1767, taking his church and school. As all these buildings were in ruins, was erected in that place the present temple in 1881. Without a well defined architectural style, the temple we see today is in the neighborhood of Las Catalinas, witnessing the passage of the history of the province and the country.Inside, is venerated religious relics and historical as the Master Jesus, the Immaculate Conception and the Holy Shroud or Turin Shroud, which is a copy of the shroud that wrapped the body of Christ when he came down from the cross after crucifixion. It is a negative portrait of Christ on the canvas caused by the blood of his wounds and the vapors leave the body. It is unique in America and the second in the world for its fidelity to the real Shroud of Turin. Is exposed from the December 7, 1986 on one side of the altar, laid out on a case vertical, which I turned to see both sides of the sheet.At Easter the showcase is the busiest of Santiago.

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