It is a difficult route because of the difficulty in starting point and the considerable gap that has, more than 1,000 meters. Part of the route follows the GRP signals and passes through the Claror refuge. To access the trailhead, take the road to La Comella (CS-101) from Andorra la Vella and leave the car in a small parking lot it is a little above the km 4. From there we will take a path of ascent to the valley and the col de Prat Primer, passing the refuge of the same name. Behind the quiet, we begin the descent towards Roges ponds and Claror refuge. From this point, we have to follow signs to the GRP towards the lake Nou. The water of this lake, unlike other lakes of the Pyrenees, is not cold at all, since it is nourished by groundwater flowing through the subsoil.

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