REOPENING 1 Jul 1630-2000 RESERVATIONS ARE A MUST. We’re the closest winery to the walls of Lucca (4.5KM) & are a small family run winery producing our own grapes for structured wines, as well as olive oil, which can be purchased in the Cantina or shipped internationally since 2005. We grow and pick the grapes as well as produce the wines, all within 1 KM ( .6 miles) of the winery. We invite you to taste our wines (2 whites – Vermentino & a Vermentino with 5% semillon, a Rose’ & 5 reds – (San Giovese, Merlot & Syrah – in purity, a blend of the 3 & a “Lucchese Chianti”) which are each paired with excellent foods produced locally. Feel free to visit us & learn more about our fantastic wines & their production. Closed on Sundays, also closed the following Italian holidays: Jan 1, 6, Easter Sunday & Easter Monday, Apr 25, May 1, Jun 2, Aug 15, Nov 1, Dec 8, 25 & 26. Large groups feel free to contact us for prices and hours. Please feel free to contact us for any questions.

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