Hangzhou ParadiseHangzhou ParadiseHangzhou Paradise

Xianghu Songcheng scenic area is the culture of the Song Dynasty theme park, adhering to the “building type, culture is the soul” business philosophy, the Song Dynasty is French, the eaves, heavy traffic, crowded; Zhang goulanwazi class folk performances, dance, etc. the new appearance of all sorts of occupations laozuofang; “Riverside” movie hall, Tea Horse Inn the listening room, and other high-tech battlefield terrorist haunted house experience constantly surprises; Daoxiang wine shop, a blacksmith shop and a full range of traditional handicraft industry show endless charm; more exciting activities continuously throughout the year.

“Wang Yuanwai Park”, “Miss Hydrangea throwing and flash across,” show “Carnival” and other 20 Guozhuang arts show, giving visitors a unique travel experience.

In Xianghu Songcheng, as if a generation had passed. Give me a day, and you are a thousand years!

Hangzhou Songcheng paradise is a famous comprehensive theme park in the Yangtze River Delta, located in the central area of Xianghu, the subway is direct, the transportation is convenient. The park is divided into the Mayan tribes, the lost jungle, Adventure Island and other thematic areas.

The park has suspended roller coaster, rain god hammer, Fengshen hand, white water rafting, two pirate ships, through the clouds, jungle fans spin, ghost ghost ship, cable car and other dozens of exciting large recreation projects, tumblebugs, music ship, bumper cars and other dozens of children’s amusement items, more show, through flash go down the street and dozens of interactive interactive performances, family hi!

Songcheng Hangzhou Park activities continue throughout the year, relying on the Hangzhou Songcheng tourist area (Xianghu area) the strong support, aims to create a unique mix of prominent theme, or for young and old fun “experience, become China Tourism Leisure destination.

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