Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Cathedral

The present premises of the cathedral was built around 1913 – 1914 to replace the old one, dating back to XVIII and consecrated in honour of the Blessed Virgin on 1 April 1732 by Krasovsky priest. In 1814, the cathedral was enlarged, and choirs for singing were added. In 1826, a new 4-tiered iconostasis was created for the temple and in 1861 a 18-meter bell tower was added to the temple, along with more premises for clergy. In 1865, supported by noble Grokholsky family, the first in town parish school was built by the Nativity Cathedral. The church at that time consisted of 1,610 parishioners and possessed own estate and land. With time, the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin was no longer able to meet the needs of the expanded parish, so in the beginning of XX century it was decided to built new larger stone Cathedral to replace the old one.

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