OliOli® – The must-visit world-class children’s museum OliOli® is the Hawaiian word for ‘joy’ and entails 8 galleries with over 45 interactive exhibits. Lovingly designed and inspired by ideas of educators, artists, development psychologists and museum experts from 12 countries, OliOli® offers children the ability to engage in open-ended and non-judgmental play, learn to take risks in low-stakes environments, use their hands to make things and problem-solve, gain fascination with STEAM in a joyful manner – and most importantly, play and bond with their families. Come, explore, be curious, discovery, find joy!

Popular things to do in OliOli

Skip the Line: Olioli (Childrens playing Museum) Ticket

Skip the Line: Olioli (Childrens playing Museum) TicketBuy tickets from $152

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