Palazzina del Belvedere – Collezione Archeologica Faldetta

The location of Faldetta archaeological collection places in a high quality environmental contest, in the most typical side of the “waterfront” and facing offshore sea and the Island of Saint Andrew. The building Belvedere holds the collection. This building was inaugurated in 1931, together with a new placement of the Virgil Staircase (known as scalinata Virgiliana) and at its top Virgli’s House , (who died in Brindisi) anc the Roman Columns. To the city of Brindisi, it is a new museum focus point included in a wide urban path: The House of Tourist nearby, the historical structures of Granafei Nervegna Palace and that of the former Assize court, the former Monastery of Scuole Pie and St Clair, the strategic defence system, the of San Giovanni al Sepolcro. Collection has 363 archeological finds, mostly from Apulia region, consisting of a variety of vase shapes (trozzella, amphoras, little cups, alabastrons, lekythoi, amphoriskoi, aryballoi and oinichoai) and of a variety of pottery: Mycenaean, and Corinthian pottery, attic black figures pottery, italiotes red figures pottery, black, brown and red painted Gnathia style, polychrome, achromatic, geometric and sub geometric and in bands pottery. Furthermore, collection consistis of some glass paste and bronze finds, some coroplastic samples and Indian sculpture.

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