Rancho Ubuntu

This is the first lamb tour in Mexico, you will be part of an experience knowing the facilities, processes and people that creates the best lamb products in Mexico. You will be received by the owners who share their passion to develop the farm but mainly the community where they’re located. The tour will include a high gourmet lunch / dinner prepared by the expert chef who explain to you how your meal was done, which are the ingredients and will share nice lamb recipes for you to prepare at home. This is the biggest fine lamb restaurant / experience in Mexico more than 38,000 sqr meters for you and your family to enjoy. Activities may vary, from feeding lambs, hens and chickens, riding horse / donkey, mountain bike, camping, moon and stars watching to mexican cuisine courses. Come and join us, be part of the UBUNTU family and enjoy the greatest experience in Aguascalientes (English, Spanish, Portuguese spoken)

Popular things to do in Rancho Ubuntu

Lamb tour the first lamb tour ...

Lamb tour the first lamb tour ...Buy tickets from $26

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