Tomas Bata Memorial was designed by Frantisek Lydie Gahura, opened one year after the death of Tomas Bata, is the most valuable monument of the Zlin constructivism and the highlight of the so-called “Bata architecture” phenomenon. At the first glance the idea for the monument is simple: an empty prism placed on a visible spot above the town, on the central axis of the ascending park space, made up of several modules of the Zlin 6.15 x 6.15 m frame and clad only with cathedral glass. Inside, only the ill-fated Junkers F 13 aircraft in which Tomas Bata died in 1932. Gahura reduced the monument to three basic materials of Zlin architecture – concrete, steel and glass that were supposed to, together with the building’s composition, express the unique attributes of Tomas Bata.

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