Unique Olive Oil Museum of Argentina, DON JULIO. This is a museum that Don Julio’s children made for their father, when he was still alive to honor his trayectory. In the museum you can walk in an old street were you can experiment how it was the San Juan before the eathquake of 1944. The museum tells the story of the argentinian olive pionner and the first years of the argentinian industry, ending in a room next to the old factory built in 1949 where we explain the process of first coldpress olive oil and we make a directed tasting. Also you can see 4 short videos of the history of Don Julio, the mitology, story and process of the olive oil and a video of San Juan. Guided tour of 40 minutes aprox+olive oil tasting from Monday to Friday at 10 am and 18 pm. And Saturday at 10 am.

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