The Villa Imperiale is located just a few kilometres from Pesaro, immersed in the Colle San Bartolo Park, which safeguards its original relationship with nature. In the fifteenth century, it was the residence of the Sforza family and was expanded and painted with frescos at the behest of the Della Rovere dukes in the sixteenth century by the Urbino architect Girolamo Genga. Its glories diminished extensively from 1631 until the nineteenth century, when the villa passed into the hands of the Albani and the Castelbarco families. The ancient splendour of the Della Rovere residence was only restored when the new owners began to care for and renovate it. The Villa Imperiale is only open to the public in summer, from June to September, every Wednesday, and by reservation only. Visits are guided by Isairon, a tour guide association from the province of Pesaro and Urbino.

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