Williamson’s Tunnels – Friends of Williamson’s Tunnels

The Friends of Williamson’s Tunnels are the custodians of two fascinating sections of Williamson’s Tunnels not open daily to the Public. The first, is Paddington, which is formed of multiple and impressive brick arched chambers. These chambers include the cathedral like Level 4, 60ft below street level, located on ‘Paddington’, Edge Hill, L7 3RG. Visits to Paddington are available free of charge. Our second site is Joseph Williamson’s House, we are currently working hard to uncover the hidden history of Joseph’s House and its subterranean chambers beneath – Wine Bins, Sandstone Arch, Gash and the famous Banqueting Hall. We have recently uncovered Joseph’s Kitchen, complete with 4 large fireplaces & cooking Ranges. Williamson’s House is on Mason Street, Edge Hill L7 3EW. Extended visits to Joseph’s house are members only. All Visits can be arranged directly from our web site, e-mail or telephone. All visits must be booked in advance and are Free of charge, though we welcome donations

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